The Cup of Blood Series

Urban Fantasy in Post-Arthurian Britain

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A simple monk, a peasant out for revenge, and a woman caught in the middle

Brother Mihangel wants to return to his monastery in Gwent, but finds the carriage crowded. Lady Meron, suffering from pains of the head draws his sympathy. Two priests, who inflict the pomposity of their stations upon the others, draw his scorn…

The Cup of Blood series

is a fascinating new dark fantasy trilogy building on the characters and stories from Troy A. Hill’s Penllyn Chronicles.

Maria was born in Rome and died when Augustus was Emperor. She lives her quiet, undead life because of blood. Six centuries later she flees to Britain to escape the clutches of the Witch Hunters Guild. If they catch her, the death is the best she can hope for.

Arthur has been dead for a century. Britain’s goddess plays a desperate game for the soul of Britain. She needs a new champion.

Lady Gwen first disciple of the Celtic Goddess must find and help the choice of her goddess. Her steps take her to … Maria, a vampire from Rome…  

Books in the series:

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