The Cup of Blood Series

Dark Fantasy in Dark Ages Britain

To Run at Night, the first short novelette in the series is Now Available. Or, scroll down to learn how to read it for free.

The Cup of Blood Series of Novels – Coming in 2018

The Guild wants to kill me because I’m a vampire. A Celtic Goddess wants me to save Britain. I just want to run away.

I fled Francia because a band of religious zealots, the Witch Hunter’s guild, is on my trail again. They call me a “Blood Witch,” an undead drinker of blood. Dark Ages Britannia is the last place I can run to that the guild has yet to sink their claws into.

Lady Gwen is the last druidess and the only disciple of an Ancient Celtic Goddess. She has her own secret past and a connection to Britain that few suspects. Why am I so attracted to her?

An ancient Celtic Goddess tells me that she and Britain are facing their greatest challenge. One that could end her control of Britain. Her greatest champion, Arthur, has been gone for a century. She needs a new champion. One who loves Britain as much as Arthur ever did.

But, when the Witch Hunters find me, survival is my only goal. In the forests between Mercia and Penllyn, I must decide whether to unleash my blood-demon. If I do, I’ll be in a showdown that could end my undead life. If I don’t, I’ll die the true death anyway.

If I survive will I run away, or stay with Gwen? An even better question: why does an Ancient Celtic Goddess need me, a six centuries old blood drinker, to save Britain?

Why me?

The Cup of Blood series is a fascinating new dark fantasy trilogy building on the characters and stories from Troy A. Hill’s Penllyn Chronicles.

If you enjoy the vampire stories of Laurell K. Hamilton, but like a twist of dark history, a la Barbara Hambly, you’ll enjoy this series that pulls together strong female characters, epic swordplay, and dark magic with a healthy sprinkling of Celtic mythology in post-Arthurian Britain.

Read the Prequel Series: The Penllyn Chronicles Collection 1 now! Available on most ebook stores. This volume collects all three of the Penllyn Chronicles novellas, along with a new novelette Tempting Fae, as well as additional interludes that show the world of the Celtic Goddess as she is forced to play a game for Britain’s soul.

The events in the Penllyn Chronicles build for the exciting new Cup of Blood series when Maria of Rome ventures into Dark Ages Britain.

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